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Best wi-fi router – Internet Housing Network

Internet Housing Network (apartment) is not hard to do – modern devices make it easy to split the signal to several computers.

However, often it is necessary to buy equipment for the home network, called a router (router).

He signals wifi or cable, allows you to create a network. The right choice of a good router for an apartment (house) is not an easy task.

Most people know very little about this type of device, and can choose a router wifi, not completely suitable for their individual needs, and in addition has to break the budget.
Important settings and functions of the router Wi fi and how best to choose

stoimost-routera-500x445Wi fi router, in accordance with the definition of a professional is used for the Internet, provided by service providers, such as Rostelecom and Beeline.

Routers wifi currently available on the market (2014, 2015) differ in signal transmission technology.

In this regard, there are two main types of these devices – a cable router and WiFi.

routers for home

If you are going to frequently move their computing devices, you must select the Wi-Fi router.

For stationary objects, it would be better to choose the cable, which in addition is cheaper.

For a home network often choose a wireless router. While the choice of cable or a wireless router will not cause any problems, the trouble is coming from the other side – the definition of product model or firm.

By the way you may not know, but all modern PCs are equipped with virtual machines – click here to find out how to enable them, then buy will not have to separate.

kakoj-wi-fi-router-vybrat-1Each of the manufacturers has in its range of several types of wireless routers you can buy in the range from 15 to 100 dollars.

When choosing a router, especially pay attention to the standard in which it operates. Generic standard – 802.11g.

Routers that use the 802.11g standard, allow the signal to reach the average apartment or house with minor obstacles.

802.11n standard defines the modern mode of wireless routers. If their choice is important to look at the ports that will connect conventional network cables.

Most routers have four such connectors and connector port Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbit / s), and some have even a USB port.

A very important parameter for each router has the power and range of the signal. If they are too weak, in remote areas, the computers will not have access to it.

The data transfer rate is another important feature of the router, as it determines how fast you can send e-mail, download files from the Internet, and so on. D.

The equipment operating in 802.11g speed is much lower than in 802.11n. In the case of actual transfer 802.11g is about 22 Mbit / s, while manufacturers guarantee that it will be up to 54 Mbit / s.

This rate is more than enough for the average Internet user. The transfer decreases with increasing number of supported computers connected over a wireless network and with the distance between the computer and the device.

7b1cf1a06b565000447ed6332d3fc5bbRouters operating in accordance with the new WiFi 802,11n technology offer its users with a much higher throughput for wireless networks, reaching even 90 Mbit / s.

This bandwidth is useful for those who send large volumes of data in the local network.

The new standard has a much wider range, even in areas with obstacles. The signal can pass through them.

Another feature is the additional Port Forwarding (Virtual Server and Port Forwarding) or WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).

WPS option allows you to make extra protection and automatic connection of transmission, if the network card allows you to use this feature.

The router can also enable bandwidth management, which is called QoS. Control allows you to set priorities for all applications using the Internet from the local network.

Applications, or specific computers that have the highest priority, the first to be able to link to.

When you choose a router, also take a look at the rules and the warranty period, which gives the device manufacturer.

It would be good to include at least 10 years. When purchasing, make sure it is compatible with any WLAN adapters.

If you do not, the router and network card will work together, but the data transfer rate can be significantly reduced, even several times.

Each router should provide adequate protection for your wireless network.

Currently, a protocol that ensures a decent level encryption – WPA or new version of WPA2.

Before choosing a specific model, see what security protocols offering this device, because in addition to the encrypted connection, some allow you to further protect your network in a different way, for example, authentication MAC-based.

This combination creates a safety net against various types of intrusion – you get a choice between several encryption protocols.

The vast majority of all routers to protect your network from external attacks, as they have a firewall (Firewall).

This built-in firewall reflects the most common attack methods.

Some models also include specific rules, which further reduces the possibility of any attack.
Popular router manufacturers and their products

The most frequently bought devices include brand: D-Link. The company has a strong reputation in the industry, so customers not afraid to trust her.

A good choice would be to buy these models brand like D-Link: DI-524, DIR-615, and the high-end router – DIR-655.

3tp-link-tl-wdr4300Model DI-524 is present on the market for several years and continues to be a popular choice for consumers.

This is perhaps the most popular wireless router. It can quickly and effectively divide the Internet on multiple computers.

DIR-615 model is the latest addition to the wireless router D-Link. Other manufacturers: Asus, Cisco, 3Com, Linksys, Netgear, and Zyxel.
Frequently asked questions about the choice
– What is a router to choose if I want to send to the local network large amounts of data

You must choose a router with Gigabit ports, it allows you to quickly transfer large amounts of information in local networks. In addition, a network adapter should permit the use of these ports.
– How to choose a router wireless or cable

It depends on the individual needs. Wireless routers are currently the most popular.

They provide high mobility to all computers connected to the local network. On the other hand, the advantage of a wired signal power.

Choosing a router should always be correlated with our own requirements in relation to the device.

It is worth thinking about what kind of coverage you need and what kind of expectations do you have in relation to the security of your network. Good luck.