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Review of Pillow for pregnant U-shaped – just cool!

Unreal comfort, convenience and quality

Price. While there, the price is justified)))

Pregnancy the perfect condition of the woman, because soon will be born small miracle, the meaning of her life! Many women, unfortunately, this state passes not very nice: morning sickness, swelling, pain severity in the back. Almost every pregnant woman faces the problem of body position during sleep, and after a dream it is the main source of energy, which need not be neglected. (source

How great is that came up with a lot of pillows choices for pregnant women, when I decided to order a her, it was faced with a large selection of shapes, were the crescent-shaped, and in the shape of a horseshoe, and in the form of a boomerang, and in the shape of the G, and just straight like a stick. After reading reviews, I stopped on the pillow “horseshoe” or “U”. The shape is very comfortable, big cushion, allowing not roll over during the night with her, because the two sides “sausages”, one holds back, and on the other you can throw a leg. Which poses only I did not sleep on it))) The first night slept like a log, I woke up, thought it was on that night my daughter a good walk, breathe fresh air. But then it started to happen every night, I fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning vigorous, refreshed, I have no pain and never ache!

My daughter is now too often take it in the evening, it is wide, it sits inside, close and played like it in the house.

I think that it will be used as a barrier for the baby in the future, so he did not fall out of bed.
By the way, I took the material hollofayber. There was another option polyurethane balls, but most buyers were not very happy with them, in the opinion they are rustling and not allowed to sleep, they are solid and convenient to put your head, you need to stuff them in hand. Moreover stray balls and it is necessary to roll them back.
Hollofayber I’m happy as long as I use a pillow only a month, so objectively judge its durability can not, but I think that it will last long.
Pillowcases on it are changing, they are zipped and easily erased, as well as from ordinary. I ordered another to smenku, I think, it is not necessary anymore.
Be sure to buy yourself a cushion, you will be very happy! At first I also thought that I could do without it, but now I realize it’s such a comfort, I am now even watching television with her in an embrace) And in-law wanted to imagine this, even though she is not pregnant)