Weight Loss Smoothies And Shakes. Homemade Weight Loss Smoothies

Smoothies – is not only delicious, but also useful cocktail, with which you can quickly lose a couple of extra kilos and do not have to exhaust yourself diets hungry for days or be engaged in the gym. Also the beverage supplies body valuable nutrients and vitamins.

What are the benefits of smoothies?

This cocktail has appeared relatively recently, but already famous for its use. Smoothies has the following properties:

This is the best way to quench thirst, not only, but also hunger. The composition of these drinks include a variety of ingredients that are both juicy and very hearty. Therefore it will be enough to drink only one portion of a cocktail and a few hours to forget about hunger.

Smoothies are very useful for the organism. To prepare the drink using only those products that contain micro and macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Smoothies are considered vitamin cocktails, so it is recommended to use at any time of the year. (source)

You can prepare a smoothie with the addition of certain ingredients, which give a powerful boost of energy. In their composition will necessarily include the right carbohydrates, the absorption of which is fairly slow, and they will be spent exclusively on the production of energy and not deposited in reserve in the form of fat.

For cocktails useful foods rich in fiber and pectin. This drink has a positive effect on the process of digestion, from the body much more quickly removes harmful toxins, is cleansed of all systems and tissues.

Smoothies can act as a full meal, as part of the cocktail includes a lot of useful substances, which ensure the correct operation of the whole organism.

These beverages may cause serious harm to the body only if the substandard products are used for their preparation.

Composition smoothies

To make this drink not only has a pleasant taste, but also helped bring the weight back to normal, as well as to conduct a health course for the whole body, it is recommended to use the following ingredients during the preparation of smoothies:

Berries are a great benefit to the body, and they are delicious. It is recommended to give preference to cherries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, etc.. Berries.

Fruits contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins – for example, pectin, dietary fiber, fiber, essential oils, etc. Moreover, very juicy fruits and tasty, and they contain a minimum amount of harmful calories. Consequently, these cocktails can be drunk in virtually unlimited quantities. Therefore, for making smoothies can use kiwi, bananas, pineapples, apples, oranges, peaches.

Vegetables include in its membership a large amount of fiber and vitamins. Vegetable smoothies can be a great alternative to a full meal. For cocktails we recommend using broccoli, celery, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers. For the body of great benefit are green vegetables, thanks to which the drink gets a bright and attractive color.

Nuts are one of the best plant sources of protein and energy. It is enough to add to a smoothie just a handful of nuts and a few hours will be received a surge of strength and energy.

Green brings great benefit to the body, so it can be added to smoothies in large quantities.

Various dairy products are one of the main components of dietary smoothies. They contain a lot of protein and calcium. It is best to stop the choice in favor of low-fat milk and to forget about the cream, of course, if the main goal to lose weight.

Seeds contain large amounts of oil, which is not only useful, but also a must for the normal functioning of the body.

Dairy products include our beneficial bacteria, which occurs due to the strengthening of the immune system. These products have a positive effect on the digestive process. Recommended for making smoothies to use kefir, yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk, including whey.

Cereals can be one of the components contained in the dietary cocktails. They contain large amounts of fiber, as well as the right carbs that will not settle fatty deposits on the sides and waist. You can use different types of flakes: for example, oat, corn or buckwheat, there is virtually no restrictions.

Natural fat burners help to normalize metabolism, accelerate the process of fat burning occurs. Among these components are different kinds of spices and seasonings, for example, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric.

Ice can be added to smoothies, so the drink is cooled and helps to quickly get rid of thirst. At the same time the body spends much more energy is recycled cold drinks, therefore, it is much more effective weight loss.

Review of Pillow for pregnant U-shaped – just cool!

Unreal comfort, convenience and quality

Price. While there, the price is justified)))

Pregnancy the perfect condition of the woman, because soon will be born small miracle, the meaning of her life! Many women, unfortunately, this state passes not very nice: morning sickness, swelling, pain severity in the back. Almost every pregnant woman faces the problem of body position during sleep, and after a dream it is the main source of energy, which need not be neglected. (source http://www.bestbodypillow.net/)

How great is that came up with a lot of pillows choices for pregnant women, when I decided to order a her, it was faced with a large selection of shapes, were the crescent-shaped, and in the shape of a horseshoe, and in the form of a boomerang, and in the shape of the G, and just straight like a stick. After reading reviews, I stopped on the pillow “horseshoe” or “U”. The shape is very comfortable, big cushion, allowing not roll over during the night with her, because the two sides “sausages”, one holds back, and on the other you can throw a leg. Which poses only I did not sleep on it))) The first night slept like a log, I woke up, thought it was on that night my daughter a good walk, breathe fresh air. But then it started to happen every night, I fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning vigorous, refreshed, I have no pain and never ache!

My daughter is now too often take it in the evening, it is wide, it sits inside, close and played like it in the house.

I think that it will be used as a barrier for the baby in the future, so he did not fall out of bed.
By the way, I took the material hollofayber. There was another option polyurethane balls, but most buyers were not very happy with them, in the opinion they are rustling and not allowed to sleep, they are solid and convenient to put your head, you need to stuff them in hand. Moreover stray balls and it is necessary to roll them back.
Hollofayber I’m happy as long as I use a pillow only a month, so objectively judge its durability can not, but I think that it will last long.
Pillowcases on it are changing, they are zipped and easily erased, as well as from ordinary. I ordered another to smenku, I think, it is not necessary anymore.
Be sure to buy yourself a cushion, you will be very happy! At first I also thought that I could do without it, but now I realize it’s such a comfort, I am now even watching television with her in an embrace) And in-law wanted to imagine this, even though she is not pregnant)

How To Use Baking Soda as Carpet Cleaner

Generally, for everyday carpet cleaning using a vacuum cleaner. If high-quality equipment, you can use it to easily clean the dust and dirt from the pile. However, wet cleaning is still necessary. Over time, accumulate in the coating particles of dirt, and stains from drinks or animal paws can not be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

In hardware stores quite a large selection of modern facilities for washing of carpets and rugs, but breathing corrosive vapors of some of them may be dangerous to health. In addition, after using chemicals, the product often fades or loses color.

To avoid unpleasant consequences will carpet cleaning soda and vinegar. Also often used ordinary salt or hydrogen peroxide. These components are completely safe for the health and effectively clean the surface.

Properties soda solution – Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Ordinary baking soda copes with deep cleaning of carpets and rugs. It belongs to the safest assets, which can effectively remove almost any dirt.

Soda solution not only quickly absorb dirt, but also has the property to eliminate unpleasant odors. With it you can easily get rid of persistent “flavors” of animals and spilled alcohol.

Soda also endowed with the ability to return the product to its original color, so it is suitable for cleaning of both artificial and natural carpets.

Soda and vinegar for cleaning carpet

When cleaning the dirt is very effective solution of baking soda and vinegar. active reaction “boiling” begins when mixing these products. When applying this mixture on the carpet or carpet, soda penetrates deep into the pile and takes the dirt on the surface.

Vinegar is also actively involved in this process. He copes with the odor, restores the color of the product and gives it brightness.

Before you clean the carpet soda and vinegar to the mixture add a little washing powder. This enhances its effect. However, the procedure must be carried out immediately after preparation of the solution as necessary for cleaning the reaction of “boiling” of its components quickly.

Soda and peroxide to clean the carpet

To clean difficult stains and old stains you can use a mixture of baking soda and 3% hydrogen peroxide. The latter is able to penetrate deep into the carpet pile and eat away at the dirt. With the help of this tool to easily remove stains from wine and other alcoholic beverages.

It should be remembered that the peroxide has a slight bleaching properties, so more suitable for washing monochromatic light or white goods. Before you clean the carpet colored soda and peroxide, it is necessary to conduct a pilot test in an inconspicuous area, as the product can be spoiled.

This way you can clean the floor mats in the nursery, as a solution having disinfectant properties.
How to apply home remedies

All household cleaning compositions for coatings prepared by observing certain proportion. This will help maximize the impact of the use of funds.

Vinegar and soda

To prepare a solution of vinegar and baking soda will need:

    warm water – ½ cup;
    vinegar – 4 tablespoons. l .;
    soda – 1 tbsp. l .;
    washing powder – 1 tbsp. l.

All components are mixed and immediately applied to stain cloth or brush. Remove any dirt, wipe with a damp cloth carpet. If necessary, the procedure is repeated several times.


For carpet cleaning soda in the home need 2 tbsp. l. means stir until completely dissolved in 1 liter of water. Number of the mixture depends on the coating amount. Soda solution is applied evenly to the carpet using a spray bottle and left for half an hour. During this time, it absorbs dirt and dries. After waiting for the right time, coating thoroughly vacuumed.

Soda and salt

To clean carpets soda can be mixed with fine salt, which will enhance the effect of the product and give shine. The components were combined in equal proportions and dry rubbed into the carpet. After 30-40 minutes the product is vacuumed or swept particles means a wet broom.

Soda and peroxide

When removing stains using peroxide, take half a cup of liquid and dilute it in 2 tablespoons of baking soda. The mixture is applied to the dirt and lightly begin to scour them. As the cloth is soiled, it is washed with water. Also, the solution can be left on for 15-20 minutes, then wash the mud. After cleaning the carpet, wipe it with a dry cloth and dry. To accelerate the drying fan will help.

It is worth remembering that most effectively removes any dirt from the carpet immediately after the appearance. This is especially true stains from fruit, vegetables and any spilled drinks. Coping with old spots will be much more complex and problematic.

What not to do

When cleaning surfaces of the pile is not necessary to do the following:

    If the carpet pile is natural – in any case it is impossible to try to scrub the stain with chemical cleaning agents.      

     Even if the packaging says that the product is completely safe, you should check it on inconspicuous spot coating.
    Carpets and rugs should not be washed with hot water, as this leads to further absorb dirt.
    To wash the hairy coatings do not use very hard brushes.
    Do not rub across the carpet pile – just brush moves along it.

After wet cleaning coating must be thoroughly dried. Wet formed fungus Palace, Destructive tissue fibers.